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Why Seek Counselling? Part 1 of 2

Welcome again to my Blog page 😊. I’m humbled that you’re reading this and thank you for taking the time. This Blog is in 2 parts, the second part of which I’ll be posting next week.

There may be many reasons why we feel the need to seek counselling. Looking after ourselves is important. If we’re not OK how can we, in turn, be there for others or live psychologically pain-free? After all, if we had a bad toothache, wouldn’t we make a Dentist’s appointment asap to get it sorted?

One thing you should never think is that seeking the services of a counsellor for emotional support is a weakness. It’s quite the opposite. It’s you demonstrating true Courage. It’s you operating Self-Care. It’s certainly you acknowledging - whether you realise it or not - that something about how you are in your world doesn’t sit right with you, and that you’re willing to engage in self- research i.e. work, on yourself, to find out and better understand what ‘that’ may be and make different decisions towards making positive changes.

When you need emotional support, this can be hard to do by yourself and it may feel unsafe to share with friends and relatives, who may filter what you have to say through their own internal channels or may not even be willing to really listen and make the space for you.

When we’re very small, we each create our own story of how we need to be to stay safe in our world. In Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy, this story is known as ‘script’ and lives with us always. Everyone has their own script, written internally and outside of consciousness.

Our script prompts us how to think, feel and behave to stay safe. Unpacking the messages of your script in counselling and examining their viability in the here and now, can allow us to ‘step back’, look at the messages and identify if and how they’re failing to help us live our lives now, in positive ways, as Adults. Taking a good look at those messages enables us to open our self-awareness to why we may be thinking like that. Scrutiny may enable us to reconnect to our feelings, to then distance ourselves from the emotional impact enough to step into our power, make different decisions and move into a position of Autonomy.

Thanks for reading; as always, if you’ve any comments to make I’d welcome your feedback.

In Part 2 next week, I’ll be looking at Script Injunctions and the Drivers we develop to counteract them.

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